Jan 30, 2020

دستورات گیت

مروری بر فرمان‌های گیت

git init   
git status    # آخرین وضعیت
git add <file name>
    git add -A      #all
    git add .                     #all
git commit -m "massages" 
    git commit -a

git log    # Show logs
git diff   # Show changes
    git diff HEAD   
    git diff --staged
git reset <file name>
git checkout -- <file name> #back to last commit

git banch #show branch(es)
    git branch <branch name> #creat new branch

git checkout <branch name> 
#goto other branch(change branch)
git merge <branch name> 
#merge other branch in master branch
git rm <file name> 
#delete file
git branch -d <branch name> #delete branch
git clone <address>
git push -u origin master
git pull
git remote #show remote(s)
    git remote add origin <url> #add remote
    git remote -v  #show remote(s) with detail
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